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Thursday, November 08, 2007

On owls

Those were Daddy's favorites, the owls. My father loved all birds, but his soft spot for owls was about a mile wide.

When I was maybe six years old, he gave me a stuffed Snowy Owl, a fabulous thing I loved dearly. Somewhere along my lifeline, it disappeared, one of two stuffed animals I genuinely miss. The other was a patchwork Scottie my Uncle Hadley, my father's twin and the first of the five brothers to die, gave me. All I have left of that one is a photograph of me showing it off to the camera while seated on my uncle's lap. My brother got a corduroy frog with a polka-dotted belly at the same time, and in that same photograph he holds it while seated on our father's lap.

I have no pictures of the stuffed owl, whom I quickly and with zero creativity named "Snowy". All I have is the memory of nonsensical furry wings, a curved beak, shiny glass eyes, and the beautiful, unblemished white field of his belly.

My oldest son's favorite stuffed animal is clear: Macaroni, his impossibly orange bear, who periodically goes places with him and, in his absence, with the youngest. I cannot pin down why it is this one over the others. All I know is I have to keep Macaroni. No matter what else is shed as my son grows up, that bear needs to be here when I am gone.

Birds of Prey

Saturday, November 10th
10 am - 12 noon

The Wildlife Rehabilitation League will be at Wild Birds Unlimited with live birds of prey.
Come marvel at the hawks and owls up close and personal.

Wild Birds Unlimited
Pavilions Shopping Center
568 Hanes Mall Blvd

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