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Friday, November 23, 2007

It's still November

Somewhere under there lurks the front walkway.

I want to make an enormous pile of these leaves, then let the children pretend it's a beanbag chair.

I don't feel like it's time to deck the halls yet or listen to Christmas music yet or brave a frenzy of holiday shoppers yet, although I understand that stores opened this morning as early as 4 am. (Really? 4 am? That's not an early bird; that's a rave.)

So I think I'll let the pumpkins sit on the front porch a week or so longer still. I won't begin the "colored lights or white lights this year" household poll quite yet (colored always wins). I'll do a little online shopping, but when the packages come, I will jam them to the backs of closets and not even think about wrapping them yet.

It's still November, and it still feels like it.
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