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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

ISO a new Pediatrician

There isn't anything wrong per se with our current one. It's just his practice that has fallen into shambles. It's been getting worse and worse. The last two interactions have sealed the deal as far as I'm concerned.

1. This fall, we waited AN HOUR AND A HALF past our appointment time for the youngest's five year physical. This is an appointment we had to make two months in advance. No explanation was given, no chance to reschedule was offered, no apology or even acknowlegment of how long we'd been kept waiting was forthcoming. By the time the doctor made his way into the room, the youngest had pretty much shut down. He was bored, hungry, cranky, and past the point of being pleasant, much less cooperative.

2. I have been trying to reach the office for two days now. Yesterday, I called only to have a recording pick up and tell me calls would be answered in the order they were received. Then the recording told me I would have to leave a message with the receptionist and a doctor or nurse would call me back at the end of the day. Then I was put on hold. FOR FORTY-FIVE MINUTES. I hung up and tried again at lunch. This time the recording told me the office was now closed for lunch and to try back during normal office hours. I called back yesterday afternoon to again get the first recording, only this time I hung up after fifteen minutes on hold. Today I repeated the process with equal success.

So here's what we're looking for: competent, kind pediatrician recs in Winston-Salem.

The Perfect Pediatric Practice, by Esbee
  • The office can be located anywhere in the city, because with my kids being five and nine, we aren't there as often as we were when they were babies. Plus, let's get real, this city is really easy to drive; you'd be hard-pressed to name a doctor in Winston-Salem who was wildly inconvenient.
  • I would LOVE to have morning clinic times. Our ped at Georgetown had this. Basically, if your child was sick, you showed up any weekday, unannounced, between 7 and 8 am, and you were guaranteed to see a doctor (usually a resident, followed by a full-on Dr).
  • Barring clinic, I would love to find a practice that actually answered the phone eventually. (Ours used to. A live person even.) And then gave a same-day sick appointment if needed.
  • While I don't have a gender preference, the oldest is nine and may soon have one. So I'd like a practice with at least one male physician just in case.
  • Again, a wish, but our old ped practice had separate waiting rooms for sick visits and well visits.
  • Last but not least, I'd like a practice that refers to Brenner's specialists, if need be.
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