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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Commando Mom

I thought the oldest was getting better, but last night he got worse, coughing hard for a full hour and a half before he could fall asleep, then coughing intermittently all night long. Sometime during the night, his cough morphed into a dry, painful-sounding bark.

After yet again being unable to reach a Live Person at the ped's try as I might today, I decided I'd had enough this afternoon. I just couldn't go through another night like that, much less ask him to.

I made my decision and without hesitating signed the oldest out of school and put him in the car. I turned the wheel toward the ped's office. As a courtesy, I decided to try them one last time from my cell phone while en route. Lo and behold, this time I miraculously got through after just a five minute wait. The receptionist listened, then offered a 4:30 appointment. I said, "How about now?" She said, "We really try not to squeeze in patients unless it's urgent." Then she looked up through her little glass window and saw me standing there, the oldest wheezing and hacking beside me.

And now we are just waiting to go pick up his scripts at CVS. Five of them. For pneumonia.
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