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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Mere days after Thanksgiving, the youngest*, in Halloween sweatshirt, begins the long process of styling tiny, purple birdhouses for his teachers' Christmas presents.

Teacher gifts are probably the most problematic gifts we give. I don't want to give cash; that feels like tipping a valet (or bribing an official). I hate how impersonal (and like cash) gift cards feel, but time and time again, I hear those are the gifts teachers most want, cash and gift cards, that the mugs, candles, and lotions (and probably tiny, purple birdhouses) are just so much stuff filling space.

But the thing is, I asked the youngest what he wanted to give, and he said tiny, purple birdhouses. So tiny, purple birdhouses his teachers shall receive. I think I will add some holly or something to Christmatize** them, though.

* Guess who's begun to cough now?

** Yes, I made this up, but I think it works well.
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