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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I have exactly zero sense of direction. If a road curves, I cannot tell you in which direction it does so beyond "right" or "left". Nor can I tell you when the road is again heading straight in whatever original direction it started toward. I don't have any sense of how neighborhoods fit together, beyond A touches B and C touches D. But A to D? No idea how they are related geographically. And so often I am stunned by the lay of the land.

Last week I took the youngest with me to the Wachovia Scouting Center, the one on Silas Creek. I glanced toward the rear of the center's parking lot, only to realize I was looking at the back of the pool at Polo Park Recreation Center. Goody for you if this makes perfect sense to you. Me, I stood there a good two minutes or so, trying to figure out what wrinkle in the universe made this possible.

Hi, my name is Esbee, and Google Maps with satellite view is saving my sanity.
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