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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Banner Day

1. Esbette caved and bought the dress! Then she let me treat her like my own, lifesize Barbie, adding accessories to my heart's content and Salsa's admiration. Sadly, she refused to go to Harris Teeter in the dress. (I had Fashion Plates growing up. This was better.)

2. We nearly broke our backs switching my dining room and living room furniture. I now have a kelly green dining room and a blue living room. Also, if I ever want to kill someone, I'm going to tell them to pick up one side of the hutch.

3. We took the youngest to the new Beef O'Bradys on Robinhood for lunch. I had never been in a restaurant that had TVs tuned to sports channels in the women's restroom. It was a special touch, especially when I had background cheering while I washed my hands. GO! GO! GO! I felt invigorated as I pumped the soap, which smelled strangely of Old Spice.

4. Picking up the oldest from school, my friend Mr. K said, "I have something for you!" Then he proceeded to hand me an enormous, completely random bag of pink and white "Extra Giant" marshmallows. Made in Mexico, they also were described as "Super Gigante", which Esbette and I have been repeating pretty much nonstop. They really are Super Gigante. Mr. K. rocks.

Photo evidence of 1, 3, and 4 at right.
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