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Friday, October 12, 2007

Sweet Tooth Taste Test

If you want to try ridiculously tasty caramels, you need to get your hands on some Karen & Nancy Homemade Goodies, which are made right here in Winston by two sisters who inexplicably still appear to have teeth.

All the coffee-lovers on my list are getting the Espresso Caramels for Christmas, I've decided, and Santa's bringing me a big ol' container of the Sea Salt Caramels. I also recommend the Chocolate Caramels, which combine a caramel's texture with the flavor of baked brownies, and, for the classicists, Golden Caramels. (But seriously, try the Sea Salt. Gah. Words fail.)

Oh! Where can you taste these morsels of goodness? At Sweeties, in fact, tomorrow, Saturday the 13th, from 1 'til 4 pm.


Karen & Nancy Homemade Goodies

*pls. note that Karen & Nancy Homemade Goodies is a seasonal business. Orders this year taken through December 10th*
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