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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A needle pulling thread

HOW have I never known about Sew Original on Robinhood? I have driven by it a kablillion times, but set back as it is, I never, ever saw it until today when some maniac nearly sideswiped me, and I had to pull into a previously unexplored shopping plaza to stop shaking.

Anyway, back to Sew Original.

1. The fabrics: completely swoon-worthy. All in pretty displays that make you want to run over and start coordinating.

2. They have variegated quilting thread. I don't quilt, but I covet that thread, and I will find a way to use it.

3. They have classes! Even basic ones! For people like me!

4. The women who work there were very helpful, in spite of the fact that they are sewing geniuses, and I am... well, not. (And they recently started a blog, which FYI means they are completely cool peeps.)

Sew Original
Sew Original Blog
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