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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The oldest's AMAZING Día de los Muertos costume, made on the fly this afternoon with things we had onhand.

Esbette and I coined the following terms during this process: "Mexicality", "serapeliciousness".

We decided to avoid Ardmore. The kids thought it frankly too crowded when we went two Halloweens ago. Instead, they enjoyed going around our own neighborhood, where kids are few and the older people get very excited to see them, exclaiming over costumes and often over-treating.

Plus we now have two "mega Halloween house" destinations in the 'hood, one of which has taken the art of pumpkin-carving to a whole new level. This house also has costumed teenage kids hiding in trees who jump out to scare you, artificial fog, scary sound effects, and an incredibly nice family who offered to let my boys "just hang out here" if they wanted. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. G, for making the neighborhood's Halloween.
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