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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Pursuit of my Life Dream

(My Win-a-Dixie-Classic-Ribbon Life Dream, that is)

1. The Muscadines: Alas, drought is a cruel mistress. So are they going at all? Mais non. They are not worthy.

2. The Decorated Apple, themed "Dinosaur Days": OH MY GOSH, I DID SO WELL! I sewed the cutest brachiosaurus costume for my apple! Button eyes! Little stitch nostrils! A jaunty tail!

And then Pep, a.k.a. The Naughty Dog, somehow managed to get ON the kitchen counter and eat the blasted apple out of the costume.

But there was still hope! I still had the costume itself! It was just slightly chewy and apple juicy! So I washed it!

...And that's how I found out the cotton I used was NOT in fact, "pre-shrunk". Suffice it to say, if there was a Best Decorated Grape contest, I would win, but alas, there will be no Best Decorated Apple glory this year.

3. The Artistic and Original Doorstop: And so I'm pinning all my hopes on this one. The competition looks fierce, with a cool, beach-glass filled cube already entered when I showed up. (I do hope the wise judges see straight through the ridiculous river rock painted black with WFU painted on in gold. HARDLY original.)

Anyway, behold!

Artistic! Original! Hand-sewn in today's incredibly boring hot interior design colors! Note the flocked, velveteen fabric and variegated chenille yarn! Complete with flat edge for maximum door holdage!

(Shoutout to Salsa, a.k.a. The Good Dog, who discreetly planted herself at 10 o'clock in both photos.)
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