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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Where do YOU live?

Because I live here. In Winston-Salem. Forsyth County. The Piedmont. North Carolina.

And yet today's Living section of the Winston-Salem Journal thinks I live anywhere but.

  • AP wire article on apple festival in Nebraska? Check!
  • LA Times overview of trendy neighborhood in Washington, DC? Check!
  • Washington Post column with tips for taking baby to India? Check!
  • AP wire article on wheelchair accessibility on Vermont nature trail? Check!
  • No less than 3 other syndicated columns from elsewhere? Check! Check! Check!

The ONLY locally-written or even locally-based content to be found in today's Living section is the wedding announcements and Kim Underwood's column (which was, as always, superb). Oh, and there were some ads which I didn't even look at because my eyes glazed over from all the useless filler from elsewhere.

The Journal is doing away with its Business section it announced recently. Can't help but think the Living section is next. If this schlock-from-all-over is the alternative? Good riddance.
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