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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Now hear ye

I've been asked for an update on the oldest's hearing. It really hasn't changed that I'm aware of, so he's still profoundly deaf on the right side (and will remain), and his hearing on the left side is slowly drifting away (but very slowly, thankfully). Prognosis: who knows?

Mostly this is a problem in noisy situations (because he can't separate voices from background sounds or even from one another) and in situations where he can't see a speaker's mouth (without being aware of it, he has begun to read our lips when we speak).

Open House was a bit of a challenge just because of the noise involved. He shook hands with the principal in the main lobby, which was a mash of people, all talking, and I'm not sure he heard a word she said, but he was able to carry on somewhat by watching her mouth and guessing what she was asking.

In the car on the way home, he sat in the backseat while I drove.

Me: Oh, I really think you are going to have a good year. Your teachers are so organized. You are going to learn so much.


Me: Honey?

Him: I think it's wrong. It's not fair.

Me: What's wrong?

Him: I shouldn't have to learn Dutch!

Me: No, honey. You are going to learn so MUCH. Not Dutch. So MUCH.

Him: I don't have to learn Dutch?

Me: Not unless you move to Holland.

Him: Holland?!?!

Me: That's where they speak Dutch. Dutch is their language.

Him: That's weird. They should call their language something else.

Me: Like what?

Him (after thinking for a minute): Holly!

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