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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Missing MPB

I love MPB. I do, I really do. That said, there is something that comes between us every year about this time: her job. MPB is a teacher.

It's nothing against teachers as a rule. My mother was a teacher. My dear friend N., who has honorary Auntie status with my boys, is a teacher. My sister-in-law was in and may return yet to the field. I consider much of what I do with my children teaching. So it's not anti-educatorism.

The problem is that when MPB is teaching, i.e. from August until June, she is impossible to reach five days out of seven. I can't call her at school. For starters, she doesn't have a direct line. For seconds, she wouldn't be available to talk even if I could reach her, her classroom being full of children that she is supposed to, you know, teach.

If I call her late in the afternoon, I have to wait until what I refer to in my house as "the witching hour", the time when small children (hers and mine) are prone to attention-requiring behavior - so I don't call - and then my family is eating or hers is eating - so I don't call - and then it's time for her to put her kids to bed and I mine - so I don't call - and then when I do finally get a minute to call, she's ASLEEP ALREADY. Because she's tired from teaching. And she has to go right back the next day; this isn't a cushy, one day gig.

She can't reach me either. If she tries to call me before plummeting into her slumber coma, inevitably it's Cub Scout Night or our school's PTA Night (MPB teaches at a different school than the one my oldest attends) or Mineral Club night or some such.

The last time we spoke, it was Sunday afternoon. She was getting ready for a classroom of new students, and I was getting ready to send my student into a classroom with a new teacher. And then...!!! Nothing.

There's no solution that I can think of, so my plan is to just pout until next June and catch her on the weekends, a sad downturn from this summer when my phone would ring almost every weekday morning around 8 am, and I'd hear MPB's chirpy "Good morning!"

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