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Friday, August 31, 2007


My muskies are pretty (but still small, grrr), but actually this is a test post. My husband got me a new cameraphone a week or so ago, and I finally figured the thing out. Maybe.

Does this picture look better quality than the one below? The church one, I mean.

The entry form one I took with this phone, but I had to send it to myself, then resize it, etc. This muskie one I sent from the phone straight to the blog. Whee!

Anyway, this is my new phone with my old number. The inside and outside together have about fourteen thousand buttons. I still have no idea what most of them do, but I think I've figured out almost all the ones I need. My phone is indeed orange like in that ad. My husband thought that might keep me from mislaying the blasted thing quite as often.

PS: If you are in the habit of sending me text messages, don't. I still haven't figured out that part yet.

PPS: Don't leave me voicemail, either.
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