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Sunday, July 08, 2007

No, thank you

And we've reached it, the time of year when the air is so heavy that I don't want to eat. The thought of sitting down to a hot, rich meal? Sincerely I tell you, I would be physically ill if I ate such a thing.

And so I turn to cold plates. Sometimes, to amuse the children, I mix it up a little bit.

Esbee's Summer Kabobs

Ingredients: Chunks of fruits or melon balls, hard cheeses, and cold, cooked meats.

Supplies: wooden kabob sticks.

Directions: Make kabobs. Don't cook. Best served outdoors, with lemonade or sweet tea to drink.

(I like to make two kabobs per child, one of just fruits and the other of meats alternating with cheeses. For myself, though, I like honeydew alternating with ham.)
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