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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Multimedia message

Those are still the best things at Krispy Kreme - the doughnuts.

The oldest and I went by to try their new Ice Kreme, and, to be perfectly honest, it's not good. It looks pretty enough:

But, well... remember when that one time when your mom argued that all ice creams were the same, that this ice cream on sale, the brand you'd never heard of, tasted just as good as the known-to-be-excellent one you wanted her to buy? And your shoulders slumped, but you went along with it, because her other option was no ice cream at all? And you wanted it to taste the same, but then it didn't at all, it tasted like ice milk with a twang, she was so wrong, and you were left almost less satisfied than if you'd never had ice cream at all?

Yeah, well, Ice Kreme is that offbrand ice cream come back to haunt you.
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