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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Night of Destruction

That's what it was called, though the ratio of race to destruction was about 10:1. ABC45 presents Night of Destruction at Bowman Gray Stadium!

1. Wow, is the people watching good. So, so good. Someone explain to me the reasoning behind leaning over a rather low wall, directly above the path of fast-moving vehicles, to issue a doublehanded, one-finger salute. Does that particular gesture mean something else on the racetrack, like Break a Leg in the theatre?

2. That said, everyone with whom we had personal interaction was terribly, terribly helpful, from those in the parking field who told us the best way to walk to the ticket taker who told us where he liked to sit to the peanut vendor who gave each of my children a free bag of cashews because he liked their smiles.

3. We left at a smidge past 10, and it was still going strong. There wasn't the slightest hint of the Demolition Derby yet (Phase II of promised Destruction), and another heat of cars was preparing to race. What time do those things go 'til?

4. As the parent of a hearing impaired child, I ask you, pleasepleaseplease, if you go with children, take earplugs. They are readily available at CVS and they are much cheaper than hearing aids, believe you me. You adults are welcome to abuse your own eardrums as much as you like as far as I am concerned, but please equip your children so that they needn't do the same.

5. Oh! This goes back to #2. The lady who sang the national anthem forgot the words. TWICE. The second time, everyone just started belting it out in her place, continuing to the end. Quite charming, to be honest.

6. I have never heard the Racer's Prayer before. Those last lines, wherein "sinner" rhymes with "winner" are amazing.

Pics below: on the left, one of the two Monster Trucks that crushed cars (Destruction Phase I). On the right, my husband, just after laughing himself silly at the wee, mobile winner's circle photo prop.

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