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Monday, July 23, 2007

Finding our Marbles

The weather today was unexpectedly glorious, due in large part I suspect to the crazy thunder and quick shower this morning.

The oldest and I spent some time playing Lejos y Recto, a quite addictive marble game from Spain that only requires one marble of any size per player, while the youngest played with the marbles themselves, taking each one out of the dish to hold it up to the sun and exclaim at the colors.

(note to self: check all shorts pockets before loading washer.)

As for the game itself, I think all minor disagreements between two parties should be handled with a quick round of this:

Lejos Y Recto (Far and Straight)
Using chalk (or painters or masking tape on carpet), make a long (ten feet or so), somewhat narrow (4 feet or so at base) triangle.

First player, place marble of choice anywhere on baseline, then shoot marble as far down triangle as possible WITHOUT TOUCHING EITHER SIDELINE.

Second player, do the same.

Winner is the one whose marble goes furthest down the triangle without touching any line.

Play one round or best of ten or of twenty or what have you.

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