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Monday, July 09, 2007

Esbee: 'Bette, I need your help.

'Bette: Whattup?

Esbee: I'm trapped in downtown Winston-Salem.

'Bette: Trapped as in how?

Esbee: OK, so Jon Lowder and I finished lunch at the 'Shroom, and now I'm trying to get home, but all the roads are closed.

'Bette: They can't all be closed.


'Bette: Get on Fourth. Can you get on Fourth?

Esbee: Yes, I can get on Fourth. I may have to drive across the Hanes Park playground, though. Stay on the phone with me. I don't want to die.

'Bette: You are in WEST END, for God's sake. WEST END.

Esbee: Lookin' a little tight all up in here with all this construction is all I'm-

'Bette: SUCH A BOOV-



Esbee: OK, I'm turning onto Buena Vista now. We can peace out.

'Bette: (sigh).

Esbee: BYE!


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