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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dear City of Winston-Salem, Sanitation Dept.

I could see the looks of disappointment on your people's faces this morning when you opened my trash cans. I'm so ashamed.

I'm a fool to have believed the hype! I just... I just... well, the idea sounded so good - stretchy trash bags, hello! - that I stupidly purchased a box of Glad Force Flex, forsaking my classic Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags though they'd done no wrong.

I've learned my lesson, I assure you. Never again will you open MY trash can to find thin, flimsy bags that look like stretched out pantyhose and leak like sieves.

I offer a thousand apologies. To you. To my trusty Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags. To the savvy consumer world at large.

Shaking one fist at the Glad company for producing such lying TV ads while using the other fist to beat herself just below her throat for falling for such balderdash,

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