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Thursday, July 12, 2007

15 minutes outside Winston-Salem

Just over the Forsyth County-Stokes County border, just before NC8 and 65 meet in the small community of Germanton, NC (est. 1790, according to the sign), you will see Germanton Mercantile, Inc on the right side of the road. Stop. Inside, you will find seeds, tools, a bunch of men standing around shooting the breeze, and the famous Charlie's Soap, made in nearby Mayodan, NC.

Go back outside on the front porch. You passed them as you came in. ENORMOUS watermelons picked fresh. Go back inside. Ask any of the men how much they are. You will be told $6 apiece, and that the gigantic cantaloupes on the counter here are $2.50.

Buy both. And the soap. Trust me.

Esbette struggling to hold up the $6 behemoth.
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