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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Multimedia message

Dear Parents of Winston-Salem:

1. This is a baseball clinic, yes, in that it's a one time event and it's about baseball. However, what it really is is a two-hour daydream, in which kids get to pretend they are Warthogs themselves. The tools that assist in this amazing fantasy are the presence of "other" Warthogs, the actual Warthog practice equipment, and the location. Now, let me tell you what breaks the magic spell: having your dad scream criticism at you from the stands. So sit down and hush. You can coach later on in your backyard.

2. It is not cute to see seven year olds break into a fistfight. Period. It's not "part of the game", it's bad sportsmanship. And at a non-competitive event, it's pure insanity.

Since "fun" was the major point, I hope your child had some today. Mine did. He even got C.J. Lang's autograph; I don't think his feet have touched the ground since.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday,
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