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Monday, June 18, 2007


Dear Esbee,
I can't quite picture "
The Rock"...

There. Now you can.

Hi, Esbee! I wonder why you linked Forsyth Medical Center to the words "the hospital" in your letter to your dad, when Baptist is a much larger hospital...

Well, first, that's the hospital in which he died. Second, here is how I call our local medical facilities: "Baptist", "Brenner's" (which is actually just "Brenner", I know), and "the hospital". If someone says they are going to "the hospital", I assume they mean Forsyth, that if they were going to Baptist, they would say they were going "to Baptist". I have no idea why; I just do.

Esbee, why exactly do you hate the Journal?

I don't hate the Journal. I'm a subscriber. I think there are a lot of truly talented people there, and I wish more of the paper was their work instead of syndicated piffle.

I do think the Journal is having a bit of a hard time embracing how much of its future readership is likely to be online, but that's hardly a new position for me, and I'm sure they will muddle through it.

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