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Saturday, June 23, 2007


We went to Kernersville today for my cousin's son's* birthday party.

Distance is an odd thing. Kernersville is - oh - maybe ten miles from downtown Winston? It's in the same county even. But yet we almost never go there. It feels like a daytrip when we talk about it, "It's so faaaaaaar," and then when we get in the car and go, we realize, "For goodness sake, it's all of ten miles from Winston-Salem."

They have a darling little historic district with a shopping promenade shooting back from South Main Street, about a half mile past the Folly. In the photo, you can see the entrance between the first building from the left and the next.

I didn't so much as peek at the stores today, of course; we were there for the party and when we left, we were too pooped to stop, but I will absolutely go back and poke about soon.

*Someone who understands these things explain to me: what is the relationship between my sons and my first cousin's son? Are they second cousins? Third cousins? Second cousins once removed?
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