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Monday, June 18, 2007

Find a penny, pick it up

left: Mosaic Mirror by Diane Peck, Clay, $236.25

right: Vase by Sonja Stoeckli, Clay, $194.25

click on images for larger versions

Oh, to find $430.50 in the pocket of a winter coat. Or in the lint trap of the dryer.

These pieces and maaaaany more equally tempting* items at Rooted in Craft: All Things Botanical, an exhibit of botanical themed fine craft by Piedmont Craftsmen, through July 14th at The Sawtooth Center (Milton Rhodes Gallery). Admission is free.

* Sincerely, if I found about four grand under the sofa cushions**, I could spend it instantly at this exhibit. Sure, some people would pause to think, "Why is there four grand in my sofa?" but I'd BAM grab and spend. There's always time to ask questions later.

** I just checked. 4 lego pieces, a Matchbox car, the missing remote, and some really fuzzy popcorn. No money. Boo.
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