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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

comment from previous post

Esbee -

The following was taken from an email that is circulating throughout the Sherwood area. Any truth to this? I thought if you blogged it someone might step up to say if this is true or just another urban legend/hoax. Thanks.

Hi ya'll,
> > I've been encouraged to pass some news along and for some reason, I
=> guess because of the nature of it, I'm kinda struggling with doing it.
=> But here's the situation. My dad got a call tonight from a (reliable)
=> friend who lives in Old Sherwood. She told him that on Saturday night
=> at about 2 in the a.m. her next door neighbor's 16 year old daughter was
=> taken from her bedroom at gunpoint by a guy in a ski mask. He attempted
=> to rape her but she was able to get away and get home. Apparently he
=> had cut her screen and got her out without her parents (who were home)
=> hearing her. This neighbor told my dad that about 11 police cars
=> responded and now plain clothes officers were patrolling the
=> neighborhood. The family decided to keep the info. from the news so
=> that their daughter was not further traumatized. Unfortunately, this
=> only serves to protect the criminal and leave the rest of us as sitting
=> ducks. This friend of my dad's told him that she wanted me to know for
=> my own protection and also so that I would get the word out to
=> neighbors.

=20> > So, now what. Should I email everyone in my address book who lives in
=> the neighborhood or in a closeby one? Like I said, due to the nature of
=> the situation, it's tough. Don't want to expose this little girl who's
=> probably already a mess, don't want to incite panic. But we do need to
=> know and be prepared. This is just so sickening. Dad was told that
=> there is belief that this is the same guy who was trying to abduct girls
=> from Reynolds Road in Buena Vista last year. Doesn't sound like a brain
=> surgeon, but dangerous enough.

=20> > Feel free to do with this info what you want. Word of mouth spreads
=> easily enough around here once it gets started. But I do believe that
=> making us aware gives us an advantage over this creep. Hope I haven't
=> upset your night.

=20> > Love, Christy

Bolding mine. The above was left in a comment on the previous post. I can't look into it at this moment, as I'm walking out the door, but someone tell me the backstory on the bolded? I must have missed that one.

Y'all work on this one 'til I get back? I did find this quick:

From police calls on Sunday:

0730766 062407 0211 RAPE XXX STAFFORDSHIRE CT (note: police reports never list exact addresses, just what hundred block they responded to. So if you go find this readily and publically available information, know that is what hundred block, not the exact address)
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