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Thursday, June 28, 2007

...And we're back

NINETY-EIGHT DEGREES. My car's exterior temperature reading read NINETY-EIGHT DEGREES.

We went to the Fourth of July Park in Kernersville today, to meet Emily and her brood, all of whom are charming. We had a marvelous AND VERY SWEATY time. Seriously, that park rocks. There are working (!) water fountains, there is ample shade, and the equipment is really cool, with elements I haven't ever seen before. Under the play equipment is spongy, recycled material made to look like wood chips, but it's solid, so none of the chip-in-shoe issues. Plus there is the skate park, with benches for spectators.

Regarding the Fourth of July for which the park in Kernersville is named, LiF regular suemo would like to know "Where you can go for some good fireworks? I don't need the D.C mall or the NYC harbor, but I need fireworks. Local-ish and that last more than 15 minutes."

I know Tanglewood has a fireworks display (see top item). Anyone else have a suggestion for suemo?
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