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Sunday, June 10, 2007

7 weeks, 1 day

April 21st. I bought these plants April 21st along with fifteen or so others. The other plants I promptly got in the ground or planters that same day, but these two sat, forlornly forgotten on a flight of rarely-used steps, next to the bag of potting soil, for SEVEN WEEKS AND ONE DAY, blocked from sun and rain by a tree.

Let me point out now that the directions for both plants call for full sun and at least moderately damp soil.

And so this morning when I went to get more potting soil because one of my pots got knocked over, I saw them and felt profuse awfulness.

I have apologized to both plants repeatedly, praised them at length for their survival, and noted aloud that they clearly deserve a better gardener. I have also watered them and planted them in a prime, sunny location, where they will probably immediately die just to spite me.
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