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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Multimedia message

Dear Parents of Winston-Salem:

1. This is a baseball clinic, yes, in that it's a one time event and it's about baseball. However, what it really is is a two-hour daydream, in which kids get to pretend they are Warthogs themselves. The tools that assist in this amazing fantasy are the presence of "other" Warthogs, the actual Warthog practice equipment, and the location. Now, let me tell you what breaks the magic spell: having your dad scream criticism at you from the stands. So sit down and hush. You can coach later on in your backyard.

2. It is not cute to see seven year olds break into a fistfight. Period. It's not "part of the game", it's bad sportsmanship. And at a non-competitive event, it's pure insanity.

Since "fun" was the major point, I hope your child had some today. Mine did. He even got C.J. Lang's autograph; I don't think his feet have touched the ground since.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday,

Friday, June 29, 2007

I'll have what he's having

"I got knocked unconscious, but not dead. Korea did it. It's Korea's fault. Yeah. Sometimes bunnies wear gloves as hats, Mommy. But not Korea."

- the youngest, while drinking milk

I'm thinking of taking the youngest on a daytrip to Homeland Creamery. It's only an hour and a smidge away. Maybe that would get the milk monkey off his back - he's beginning to not make any sense. I blame his milkoholism.

(Plus, you know, they force-feed you ice cream samples. OK, maybe "offer" is a better word.)

Early Bird Gets the Rat

We just got back from the first showing of Ratatouille at the Grand 18.

It's really excellently done. Monsters, Inc. is my Bar of Excellence for kids' movies. This was only a half-step down and far more engaging than Finding Nemo, which dragged at times.

Both boys were fairly well mesmerised the entire two hours*, which for the youngest is quite rare. They stayed that way through the credits, too.

see the trailer

nine minute trailer (sixth video down)

*it didn't feel like that long. Another good sign.

Hey, haze

It's looking a little dicey this morning on the Triad Haze Cam.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

...And we're back

NINETY-EIGHT DEGREES. My car's exterior temperature reading read NINETY-EIGHT DEGREES.

We went to the Fourth of July Park in Kernersville today, to meet Emily and her brood, all of whom are charming. We had a marvelous AND VERY SWEATY time. Seriously, that park rocks. There are working (!) water fountains, there is ample shade, and the equipment is really cool, with elements I haven't ever seen before. Under the play equipment is spongy, recycled material made to look like wood chips, but it's solid, so none of the chip-in-shoe issues. Plus there is the skate park, with benches for spectators.

Regarding the Fourth of July for which the park in Kernersville is named, LiF regular suemo would like to know "Where you can go for some good fireworks? I don't need the D.C mall or the NYC harbor, but I need fireworks. Local-ish and that last more than 15 minutes."

I know Tanglewood has a fireworks display (see top item). Anyone else have a suggestion for suemo?

Multimedia message

On the road...

The Dollar House

Oh, if this house really was a dollar. FORTY-ONE ACRES! I could get a goat. And a burro!


I hope the new owner doesn't raze it and throw up 500 mini-mansions in its place.

Edit, 4 pm: MORE PICS. Plus terms of auction. And there are cars and antiques and (THE BEST!) a clawfoot bathtub for sale! (I almost bought a pink one off Country Club a while back.)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

comment from previous post

Esbee -

The following was taken from an email that is circulating throughout the Sherwood area. Any truth to this? I thought if you blogged it someone might step up to say if this is true or just another urban legend/hoax. Thanks.

Hi ya'll,
> > I've been encouraged to pass some news along and for some reason, I
=> guess because of the nature of it, I'm kinda struggling with doing it.
=> But here's the situation. My dad got a call tonight from a (reliable)
=> friend who lives in Old Sherwood. She told him that on Saturday night
=> at about 2 in the a.m. her next door neighbor's 16 year old daughter was
=> taken from her bedroom at gunpoint by a guy in a ski mask. He attempted
=> to rape her but she was able to get away and get home. Apparently he
=> had cut her screen and got her out without her parents (who were home)
=> hearing her. This neighbor told my dad that about 11 police cars
=> responded and now plain clothes officers were patrolling the
=> neighborhood. The family decided to keep the info. from the news so
=> that their daughter was not further traumatized. Unfortunately, this
=> only serves to protect the criminal and leave the rest of us as sitting
=> ducks. This friend of my dad's told him that she wanted me to know for
=> my own protection and also so that I would get the word out to
=> neighbors.

=20> > So, now what. Should I email everyone in my address book who lives in
=> the neighborhood or in a closeby one? Like I said, due to the nature of
=> the situation, it's tough. Don't want to expose this little girl who's
=> probably already a mess, don't want to incite panic. But we do need to
=> know and be prepared. This is just so sickening. Dad was told that
=> there is belief that this is the same guy who was trying to abduct girls
=> from Reynolds Road in Buena Vista last year. Doesn't sound like a brain
=> surgeon, but dangerous enough.

=20> > Feel free to do with this info what you want. Word of mouth spreads
=> easily enough around here once it gets started. But I do believe that
=> making us aware gives us an advantage over this creep. Hope I haven't
=> upset your night.

=20> > Love, Christy

Bolding mine. The above was left in a comment on the previous post. I can't look into it at this moment, as I'm walking out the door, but someone tell me the backstory on the bolded? I must have missed that one.

Y'all work on this one 'til I get back? I did find this quick:

From police calls on Sunday:

0730766 062407 0211 RAPE XXX STAFFORDSHIRE CT (note: police reports never list exact addresses, just what hundred block they responded to. So if you go find this readily and publically available information, know that is what hundred block, not the exact address)

Mark Your Calendar

photo from the author's website, with permission
"Local writer, Anne Barnhill, author of At Home in the Land of Oz: My Sister, Autism and Me will visit Shakespeare and Company on Thursday, July 26th at 7pm."

Anne Barnhill's sister, Becky, is currently a resident at a group home here in Winston-Salem but will soon be moving on to a program in nearby Greensboro.

Anne Clinard Barnhill

At Home in the Land of Oz: My Sister, Autism and Me, read an excerpt from the forward

Shakespeare And Company, located in our own Kernersville

autism locally: Winston-Salem Journal multimedia presentation


duck-duck-Canada Goose

It is amazing to me that I found the inner strength not to run over this Canada Goose when I had the opportunity last night on the way to Red Lobster for a dinner alone with the oldest. (The oldest: "If they're called Canada Geese, why do they spend so much time here?")

Also amazing: in a town with seemingly a thousand restaurants and new ones opening and closing every month, there was a thirty minute wait for a table at Red Lobster on a Tuesday evening. It was PACKED. I've been there three times now, and each time, it has been crazybusy.

(The oldest picked the restaurant for its Cheddar Bay biscuits. Perhaps some of the other restaurants in town should get on the biscuit bandwagon. Pleasepleaseplease.)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Multimedia message

The kids and I have snaked our way through Harris Teeter and have finally come to the bread kiosk in the deli. We're happy to see that the usual baskets of bread slices and spreads are available at one end for sampling. But today, there's a previously unseen addition - bay leaves are placed like sentries between the offerings.

When the bread lady comes over to ask if I need anything, I point and say, "Bay leaves?" She very seriously nods and informs me that bay leaves keep flies away.


While the boys played Warriors in the backyard (the youngest: I am Farticus the Weally Stwong!), I poked about in the pantry and decided to make old-fashioned peanut butter cookies. The kind with fork marks. The kind my mom used to make.

Peanut butter without fail reminds me of two things. One is my kindergarten year. Kindy was half-days, so I came home for lunch every day. My mother taught at the school which I attended, and her day was full-day. Another mother would drive me home, and Rosalee, who worked for our family, would meet me at the door and ask me what I wanted for lunch. E-v-e-r-y day, I would reply, "Peanut butter and jelly, please." And every day she would ask if I was sure, didn't I want egg salad, or devilled ham, or, or, or. She always ended up making me my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, sighing profusely as she did so. After I finished eating, she would tell me I was tired. I would protest I was not, but she would carry me up the stairs - I can still feel how the top she wore felt against my cheek - and she would lay me down in my bed and I would immediately fall asleep.

The other thing peanut butter reminds me of is my father. I feel like back then we didn't have as much fresh produce year-round as we do now. I mean, you could get tomatoes, but only during tomato season. Produce had specific seasons back then, and if my memory is correct, pineapples were really expensive. My father would celebrate the return of each fruit aloud, exclaiming joy over the return of strawberries or oranges or what-have-you. And bananas, well, to him they were for enjoying in peanut butter and banana sandwiches. And I was strictly about peanut butter and jelly still, so I would gasp and hold my nose and screech, "Eeew! That's so gross!" every time. And he would laugh and his eyes would twinkle as he finished his sandwich.

While I made the peanut butter cookies today, I thought about these things, my mom's cookies and Rosalee's arms around me and my dad's sandwiches, all lost now except in my mind. Then I opened the back door and called for the boys, my young warriors full of energy and youth and memories of their own.

Clang Clang Clang

The original Winston-Salem Street Railway began running July 14, 1890 and provided electric streetcar service to the growing towns of Winston and Salem.

Today the West End Trolley provides convenient transportation through downtown Winston-Salem.

These modern replicas of the original Winston-Salem Street Railway Trolleys run on 25 minute intervals. The West End Trolley operates Monday through Friday from 7:25 am to 5:46 pm.

Trolley fares and route HERE.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Multimedia message

The boys are playing "firefighter", which means the oldest is running about drawing "fires" (actually large Ms) with chalk, and the youngest is dragging the garden hose as fast as he can to "put them out" (wash them away).

Later on I hope to involve them in a rousing game of "utility consumer", wherein we "roll coins" until we have enough to pay "the water bill".

Information on Unusually High Water Bills in Winston-Salem

Note the furious strum action

The youngest singing an original number entitled, as best I can make out, "Ice Cream Wocks, yeah, yeah, yeah! (Vanilla! Vanilla!)"

Babysitting Boot Camp $120
This three-day boot camp includes Babysitting,
Advanced Babysitting and Master of Disaster courses.
June 26, 27 & 28 9am—3pm

The Northwest North Carolina Red Cross offers classes for would-be babysitters, as well as classes in CPR, pet first aid, nurse assistant training, and others . Find a course.

W is for Warthog

from today's Winston-Salem Journal

Playing catch with the Winston-Salem Warthogs??? Having Warthogs give you pointers??? A THOUSAND TIMES YES!

(I'm assuming someone ran the ad again without rereading it, so I will call and get a better date sometime today.)

The oldest is dying to get a C.J. Lang autograph, C.J. Lang being "the best player ever" because of his propensity to send foul balls into the stands repeatedly. I'm fairly certain C.J. Lang teaching him to bat would make him weep with joy.

edit 2 pm: I called. It's THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 30th, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Sign reads "FOR SALE" followed by a phone number. Car parked on lawn on Peacehaven Rd, somewhere between Country Club and Hearthside.

Sometimes I'm really tempted to just stop and offer to trade even.

I drive a car that, while nice and safe and reliable, Just Isn't Me.

Forsyth County Junior Golf Tournament

Open to residents of Forsyth County 17 and under on July 10th.

There's a $20 entry fee, and the following courses will be played: Grandview (July 10th), Winston Lake (July 11th), and Tanglewood Reynolds (July 12th).

application , due by 5 pm on July 6th

Saturday, June 23, 2007


We went to Kernersville today for my cousin's son's* birthday party.

Distance is an odd thing. Kernersville is - oh - maybe ten miles from downtown Winston? It's in the same county even. But yet we almost never go there. It feels like a daytrip when we talk about it, "It's so faaaaaaar," and then when we get in the car and go, we realize, "For goodness sake, it's all of ten miles from Winston-Salem."

They have a darling little historic district with a shopping promenade shooting back from South Main Street, about a half mile past the Folly. In the photo, you can see the entrance between the first building from the left and the next.

I didn't so much as peek at the stores today, of course; we were there for the party and when we left, we were too pooped to stop, but I will absolutely go back and poke about soon.

*Someone who understands these things explain to me: what is the relationship between my sons and my first cousin's son? Are they second cousins? Third cousins? Second cousins once removed?

Our nest is your nest

This is the house that's going up on Robinhood between Wellington and Shoreland. I frankly found it large but "meh", until last night, when I looked more closely.

Someone tell me if I am right. It's hard to see in this photo (click on pic for slightly larger version), but next time you are going by, look. It really appears to be a built-in birdhouse! Maybe for purple martins?

If so, if it is indeed a built-in birdhouse, this has just become the best designed house in town in my opinion. Our house has come close, but that would be AMAZING.

Friday, June 22, 2007

To the Mom who Abandoned her Newborn at Forsyth Medical Center Today

Bless you.

Bless you for taking your child somewhere safe. For letting him live.

Wherever you are, you must be in unimaginable pain right now. I am so sorry. You showed tremendous courage today, though. Know that. Hold your head high. You did nothing wrong today.

I know many will step forward to take care of your son. I hope you have someone in your life who will step forward to take care of you for a little while.

I wish I could hug you gently. My heart aches for you.

Bless you.

more information

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

This is the third summer that the oldest has gone to a weeklong summer camp at Sawtooth. As always, there was a reception at the end of the Friday session with an exhibit of the student works for friends and family to ooh and ahh over. As always, my favorite bit is seeing how each child interprets the week's theme on a t-shirt.

At right, find the oldest's take on "A High-Flying Affair", which to him meant intergalactic craft whizzing about. They also made space saucer sculptures, rockets, kites, and clay birdhouses.

He begged and pleaded, and so he'll go back half-days another week later this summer.

Citizen's Arrest!

I was all set to apply to the Winston-Salem Citizen's Police Academy until I got to this line:

Citizens graduate with a better understanding of police officer training and decision-making, and day-to-day police operations.

Well, phooey. I was hoping for a badge, a combination radar detector-bazooka, and a reason to talk like this.


You know I'm right; that's what it looks like. Horribly overcooked broccoli.

In fact, it's one of the rocks the oldest and I took up to Vulcan's North Quarry last night to a meeting of the FGMC, after multiple emailed offers of identification help if we could make it. We took a dozen or so of the oldest's finds and four of my late father's specimens, one of which is the broccoli rock above, which actually is composed of about four minerals.

We got names for all of the oldest's and three of my father's. Sadly, the broccoli aspect of the above remains unidentified. But we met a lot of incredibly nice people who were pleased to have a challenging one, the oldest enjoyed looking at their finds from a recent trip, and he absolutely beamed having his admired and identified.

We'll definitely go back.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Winston Square Park

the youngest, almost dead center, 4:17 pm

"You have purchased The Ultimate..."

When you enter the code at the Shell at the corner of Peacehaven and Robinhood, that's what it says. "You have purchased The Ultimate..." And what that means is that you have paid $5 on top of the cost of gas to get your car, if not clean, decently close.

My children are mesmorized by drive-though car washes, so periodically, when pollen or bird guano necessitates, off we go. We've been using the Shell station one exclusively since we moved here three years ago, but yesterday afternoon, as I was entering the code, "...You may enter the wash at any time..." the oldest suggested we find The Best Car Wash in town.

You tell me. Which drive-through car wash is really The Ultimate?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I mean FULL

It is with full confidence that I announce that my children don't suffer from this fabulous, new, sure-to-be-trendeigh syndrome afflicting today's youth.

(Perhaps if they did, their clothes wouldn't look like this at the end of the day.)

Speaking of the great outdoors, there's a sale on at Great Outdoor Provision Company.

Our day thus far

Barber Shop & Birdwatching (with a non-photodocumented, early lunch at Mayberry's in Reynolda Village in the middle)


Does anyone have any idea who might be able to help the oldest identify some of his fine, local rock specimens? Does anyone know a local geologist who does this sort of thing?

I'm superb at naming the more flashy minerals, but outside of quartz and mica, these escape me. We have handbooks galore, but they tell us to set them on fire and stuff like that to identify them. I'd really prefer to avoid flame use. In case you haven't heard, I'm accident prone.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Someone I know, who is lovely but sunstruck I suspect, suggested this as my new job. I'd heard about it, of course, but never looked into it, as it's not quite right for me*.

That said, being able to hang with Lanie Pope is tempting. But something tells me they are looking for someone who isn't prone to daily stupid accidents, who isn't hypothetically liable to gash - and I do mean GASH - her lip open licking an envelope.

On a completely unrelated note, antibacterial soap mixed with baking soda really does take blood out of white shirts.

Speaking of blood: The Winston-Salem Blood Center will celebrate our 25th Anniversary on Saturday, June 23, 2007 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please come by our center to help us celebrate with food, games and a whole lot more....

*especially since another someone recently told me the first four times she met me, she suspected I was tipsy. Like at 10 am. Hold the Tolly Carr jokes, please.

Multimedia message

I still hate this place.

No death looks this time, but I waited in line for THIRTY minutes behind a woman who bought roughly $4328.83 worth of craft supplies, then quibbled over SEVEN CENTS.

The youngest was not only quiet, he was nearly catatonic with boredom.

(We're recovering now with medicinal ice cream sandwiches and sweet tea.)

Who Ya Gonna Call?


Good idea, though I wish it was having more of an impact.

If I could import a beautification program from another jurisdiction, it would be DC's Clean It or Lien It, which levied fines against absentee owners who let vacant properties fall into disrepair or grass/weeds grow to a height that was attractive to vermin. The fines were attached to tax bills, and, if left unpaid, resulted in DC taking ownership of the properties themselves (but that didn't often happen). What did happen was the city mowed a number of vacant and ignored lots and yards and sent whopping bills to the owners.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Find a penny, pick it up

left: Mosaic Mirror by Diane Peck, Clay, $236.25

right: Vase by Sonja Stoeckli, Clay, $194.25

click on images for larger versions

Oh, to find $430.50 in the pocket of a winter coat. Or in the lint trap of the dryer.

These pieces and maaaaany more equally tempting* items at Rooted in Craft: All Things Botanical, an exhibit of botanical themed fine craft by Piedmont Craftsmen, through July 14th at The Sawtooth Center (Milton Rhodes Gallery). Admission is free.

* Sincerely, if I found about four grand under the sofa cushions**, I could spend it instantly at this exhibit. Sure, some people would pause to think, "Why is there four grand in my sofa?" but I'd BAM grab and spend. There's always time to ask questions later.

** I just checked. 4 lego pieces, a Matchbox car, the missing remote, and some really fuzzy popcorn. No money. Boo.


Dear Esbee,
I can't quite picture "
The Rock"...

There. Now you can.

Hi, Esbee! I wonder why you linked Forsyth Medical Center to the words "the hospital" in your letter to your dad, when Baptist is a much larger hospital...

Well, first, that's the hospital in which he died. Second, here is how I call our local medical facilities: "Baptist", "Brenner's" (which is actually just "Brenner", I know), and "the hospital". If someone says they are going to "the hospital", I assume they mean Forsyth, that if they were going to Baptist, they would say they were going "to Baptist". I have no idea why; I just do.

Esbee, why exactly do you hate the Journal?

I don't hate the Journal. I'm a subscriber. I think there are a lot of truly talented people there, and I wish more of the paper was their work instead of syndicated piffle.

I do think the Journal is having a bit of a hard time embracing how much of its future readership is likely to be online, but that's hardly a new position for me, and I'm sure they will muddle through it.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Multimedia message

my husband, whose calzone also took an age

As always, thank goodness the Caesar Salads are quick, since one has to wait eons for actual pizza. It is good pizza, though. And we got some delish pizza dough pretzels to go. The Mellow Mushroom website, however, continues to make me want to scratch someone.

Multimedia message

The youngest on his way to The Fruit, Cut Flower, and Nicer Vegetable Garden

(As opposed to where the surly veggies hang out.)

Reynolda Gardens

Photo from last Father's Day


Hi, Daddy.

I baked peaches last night. They were nothing compared to yours.

I miss you. I can't drive by the hospital without wishing you were still there, though I know you would hate that.

Your cat is sweet. I adore her.

me xoxo

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Multimedia message

I don't know if you can see it in the above picture, but we're having another lovely, thunder-filled deluge. We've also had pea-sized hail, but only for about ten minutes.

I actually quite like thunderstorms. Once upon a time I slept in a house with a metal roof during one, which made it even better. You couldn't read or anything, it was so loud. All there was to do was listen to the storm.

edit 8:10 pm: Hail's back. Bigger than a marble, smaller than a grape.

635 N Stratford

The lot that's been empty for over a year, on one of the prettiest stretches of Stratford Road, has a house going up courtesy of SAMNAZ, Inc.

Personally, I would opted for something like the fourth from bottom, left column, but I guess what's going up will look nice, too. Especially if it's painted creamy white and given a green roof.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Serena's Song

Alert-And-Quickly-Becoming-A-Crowd-Favorite Reader helmedwfu sends along the above photo, taken some twenty minutes ago, with the following information: "A group called 'Serena's Song' was offering balloon rides for charity in Bolton Park this evening."

More on Serena's Song

from the website: Serena's Song is the World's First Wheelchair Accessible Hot-Air Balloon approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Since its humble beginning in 1985, Serena's Song has carried over 15,000 disabled passengers over countless miles, all over the U.S.

Right Hand, meet Left Hand. Left hand, meet Right Hand.

I wonder sometimes if the Winston-Salem Journal will ever open itself up to electronic media, in the form of JournalNow, being a large part of their future. It's like, "Here, we have a few staff blogs. Oh and here, have some local popup ads, but that's all you're getting as far as dynamic content." The rest of the site, while well laid out, is almost strictly just a copy of what makes the print edition. And certain, basic things of the Right-Hand-Left-Hand variety just don't happen.

For example, columnist Kim Underwood compiles information about blogs with local ties, and every other week "Web Sightings" is in the Living section of the print edition. But if you later want to find that profiled blog, and you think to yourself, "Aha! There's a list of local blogs on the JournalNow website!" well, friend, you are most likely out of luck. The Web Sightings aren't automatically added to the bloglist.

The bloglist itself hasn't been culled in goodness knows how long. The first three blogs on it are

1. a blog that hasn't been posted to since February, and the post before that was October
2. a legal advice blog that hasn't seen a post since mid-March
3. a blog from Israel about Israel

Hell, I haven't posted to my Speaking Death blog since February of 2006; there is NO reason it should still be there. I can understand that it may well have been put there initially to bulk up the list, but it should have vamoosed eons ago, as the Web Sightings were automatically added as a matter of course.

This is common sense. Does the Journal have someone on staff whose job it is to understand how online readers use the website? Whose job it is to understand how someone who takes the paper uses the website?


Lunch Bunch

When I worked in downtown Washington, one of my favorite things to do for weekday lunch during warm months was shop a fruitstand or small market, then take my bounty to a shady bench somewhere. I could gorge myself with fresh, local produce and never feel ridiculously full. I carried wet wipes in my purse for this purpose; inevitably, I ended up with sticky, sweet-smelling fingers.

The Downtown Farmer's Market in Winston-Salem


So according to the About Us page on their website, it could be a burlesque show, or it could be a family show. There could be two performers, or there could be sixteen. Who knows? I can't figure it out.

They spell it CIRKUS, though, and they are coming to The Garage on the 23rd. I know that much.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Multimedia message

If you look closely, you will see a little orangish dot under the yellow arrow. That's the youngest running the bases with Wally the Warthog, the brown dot under the blue arrow.

The game went to extra innings, but the Warthogs pulled it off. Hooray!

Multimedia message

Flag Day at the Warthogs game, which meant little mini-flags for all, and some Knights of Columbus did the presentation of the flag. They looked a lot like these guys.

Talbot's Famous Semiannual Sale

Thankfully, MPB and I were there fifteen minutes after the doors opened, so we did not have to deal with creative parking solutions like the above. Thus, we could better expend our energies saving 30-50% off original prices! On a related note, my husband reminds me that the clock is ticking toward the time I need to get something called a "job".

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Multimedia message

Multimedia message

Multimedia message

The youngest beating esbette at air hockey. Location: hell.

Oh, hi, cat

So, Adventure Landing is that place up on Stratford with the miniature golf course with the giraffe. Right, that place near the mall.

Apparently you want to be there on June 16th for a celebration twofer.

1. It's the grand opening of Bumper Boats.

2. Hello Kitty visits. I have no idea why.

I also can't fathom where they are putting the Bumper Boats unless they've done away with a chunk of the unnecessarily large parking lot? Otherwise my money is on Course #3*, the one with all the water holes. A combo attraction of sorts - you sit in a raft in the water feature while brightly colored golf balls whiz by your head and a teen couple makes out at the nearby faux grotto hole.

Anyway, web coupons here.

*My husband and I prefer course #1. We have an ongoing joke about paying respect to The Rock, a seemingly random, and fabulously fake, boulder.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Multimedia message

I love that in the summer the boys are with me most everywhere I go, because then when I get giddy seeing a firetruck out and about, I have two people who will get giddy right along with me.

But now that I look at that picture, my first thought is that you have to be a lot closer than 300 feet to read the sign directing you to stay back 300 feet. If the average car is, oh, let's say 15 feet long, that's 20 car lengths back.

Check out the Winston-Salem Fire Department photo gallery!

...and the other side

Yesterday SueMo snapped a picture of our local rainbow and sent it to me. Almost simultaneously, alert reader helmedwfu snapped the above, which he sent along this morning.

I'm thinking with all this data, we really should be able to find the pot of gold.

This may come in handy.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Arching from about 4 o'clock to 10 o'clock

rainbow pic by suemo, cameraphonographer extraordinaire
reporting at 6:53 pm today, from the Teeter on Cloverdale

A while back I posted a link to the Duke Energy page, which shows that as I type, there are 8,784 power outages in Forsyth County. SueMo reports that that number includes the entire side of the Cloverdale shopping center with Panera and the Dollar Tree.

edit: 8:10 pm: 9,311 power outages in Forsyth County now. Hrm.

Animal Control Advisory Board Meeting

Next Thursday, June 21st, the Animal Control Advisory Board will meet to discuss three proposed amendments to current county code.

Meeting time: June 21, 2007, 6:00 p.m.
Location: Forsyth County Animal Shelter, 5570 Sturmer Park Circle, Winston-Salem

A year or so back, the Winston-Salem Journal did a top-notch, two-part article on the work that goes on at our county Animal Control. I encourage anyone who is thinking of attending and/or submitting a comment to the Advisory Board to read the article for background.

Part I

Part II

Multimedia message

Multimedia message

Sunday, June 10, 2007

7 weeks, 1 day

April 21st. I bought these plants April 21st along with fifteen or so others. The other plants I promptly got in the ground or planters that same day, but these two sat, forlornly forgotten on a flight of rarely-used steps, next to the bag of potting soil, for SEVEN WEEKS AND ONE DAY, blocked from sun and rain by a tree.

Let me point out now that the directions for both plants call for full sun and at least moderately damp soil.

And so this morning when I went to get more potting soil because one of my pots got knocked over, I saw them and felt profuse awfulness.

I have apologized to both plants repeatedly, praised them at length for their survival, and noted aloud that they clearly deserve a better gardener. I have also watered them and planted them in a prime, sunny location, where they will probably immediately die just to spite me.