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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Did you see this??? WOW!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Wildfire blows smoke over Winston-Salem
By Titan Barksdale

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A wildfire raging more than 500 miles away in Florida and Georgia has caused smoke to drift into Winston-Salem, prompting telephone calls to local emergency agencies, officials said this morning.


Reason #632 why Winston-Salem is a fabulous place to live: our local paper has articles by a reporter named "Titan Barksdale".

Sincerely, that name is amazing. I'm completely jealous and wish I had a name so vivid. That name is like romance novel hero-worthy!

Titan Barksdale leaned over his antique Cartier typewriter. He pulled the linen sheet out of the glossy black machine and laid it in a leather folder. "There," he thought as his muscles rippled under his hand-stitched dress shirt. "That article is frontpage worthy." Finished with this task, he stepped to the French doors leading onto the balcony off the library of his Gothic, stone mansion just outside the Twin Cities. A smoke-filled breeze ruffled his mane of luxuriant hair as Titan opened the doors wide and smiled sadly at the sunset.

See? That name works.
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