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Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Winston-Salem Georgel

The Journal appears starstruck by George Clooney.

Like just in the last two days?

Yesterday's edition featured this front page article about a local woman leaving her children with a sitter to better seek him out. A page one of the business section article about a local drycleaner doing work for the film production also managed to work him in.

Today in the print edition, there is a large pair of colored photographs of Mr. Clooney on the front page of the Local section. Just 'cuz.

He's very nice to look at, yes, but I'm not quite sure he should be that fascinating on a daily basis to a professional news source.

(And in light of how many movies are filmed in the Piedmont, I wonder why Clooney in particular makes the paper swoon so.)

Other movies filmed, at least partially, in Winston-Salem itself
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