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Friday, May 25, 2007

I save so much it's like I earn money

I'm so pleased with my amazing find that I had to share it. You may find this tacky if you wish, but to me it's pretty much my equivalent of shooting some enormous animal, then sticking its head on the wall for everyone to admire. Except my way is much less bloody. AND TOTALLY SO MUCH MORE AWESOME!

One good thing about living here is that while pink and green, faux Pulitzer skorts fly off the racks, genuine designer goods often go unrecognized - at least by the Maxx crowd - so I can then snag them at RIDICULOUS savings like the above.

So... I'm thinking of making earrings out of the tags. My right ear could say $195, then I'd turn my head and people would see my left ear said $26. And then they'd gasp. And I'd smile happily yet sadly, happy for the accomplishment but sad that the quest for this particular trophy was behind me.

I hear that's a common hunting emotion, that happysad, free with every kill. Bet you didn't know you could get THAT at the Maxx. You can. But I can get it for less.
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