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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hippo Hippo?

I cannot tell you how many questions I get about my email address, which you can find in the lefthand bar. The short answer I give is, "I collect hippos," which is true enough. And some people take that answer and delightfully send me pictures of hippos they come across in their travels. This one was just sent to me from South Carolina.

But the longer answer is that it also refers to a poem I wrote ages ago, in college, in French for a French course with an instructor from France, who thankfully and Frenchily didn't notice that it was a bad knockoff of Ogden Nash in style and even a bit in content (though his hippo poem requires an incorrect pronunciation of the plural).

So ages ago I wrote the poem, and one age ago I translated it into English, keeping the meter intact, no less. And now my French is fading, it's bumpy and hell, Southern, but my hippo poem survives and thrives in my email address.

Ode to the hippopotamus!
I wish there was one for each of us
But you.
I love you so, you see,
You deserve two hippopotami.

hippo.hippo. In our house it means I love you.
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