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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


It happened to us, oh, three months ago?

At 3 am, the dogs began barking. They don't bark unless someone steps onto our property. I woke in a flash and ran out to the living room to find them growling along the front wall of the house. Then the doorbell rang.

I didn't open it, of course. A male voice asked me to open the door, pleaded he was lost, suggested maybe I could give him a ride, offered to pay me $10 if I would open the door. Blurry from sleep, I announced, "No! I'm calling the police!" Then I did.

They came quickly, but he was gone.

The next day I shared the story with a few neighbors. I also started double-checking locks, looking out windows more. I didn't sleep well for weeks.

Two more neighbors I know of have been visited by Mr. Late Night Ring since then. Both called the police. The one visited this past weekend said the police told her they know who it is, but that since it's not actually illegal to ring doorbells in the middle of the night, they can't really do anything.

Although I know this is factually true, it's somehow unsettling.
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