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Sunday, April 29, 2007


The North Carolina Collection is made up largely of materials about North Carolina or by North Carolinians. These materials are considered rare and special, so they have to be used in the building. None of these items can be checked out.

If you haven't yet visited the North Carolina Collection at Central Library, you should. So long as a book pertains to North Carolina, it belongs there, including Brittain's Poems, a spectacularly bad collection of poetry published in 1918 by one I.J. Brittain, "an old, disabled Confederate Veteran" and a resident of Winston-Salem.

They tried her and Christie,
They tried them as a pair,
They were both proven guilty,
And sentenced to the electric chair

The world became excited,
About poor Ida's fate,
They sent hundreds of letters to the Governor,
It was more for the credit of the State.

-from The Tragedy of Ida Ball Warren and Samuel Christie, a poem about a Winston-Salem landlady who was the first woman in North Carolina to be sentenced to death (but never executed - her sentence was commuted).
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