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Thursday, April 19, 2007

(insert theme from Chariots of Fire here)

What could make a child run into the hospital at breakneck speed?

Why, the promised outdoor playground on the twelfth floor, of course!

The overall concept is music, so there are interactive, educational exhibits all about with that theme. The oldest quickly discovered that if he pushed the button for "modern" (pop) music, he could really get into the zone pretending to be a stunt rider.

The oversize, transparent music box is brilliant.

And the view's not too shabby either.

The oldest was wonderful during a very long day yesterday at Brenner's. He held still during the CAT scans so he could avoid a needle. He concentrated during audiological exams. He patiently sat with a microscope in his ear for a very long time.

The results of his tests aren't fully interpreted yet, but so far, they are fairly rotten. On what he sees as a happy note, he no longer has to wear a hearing aid on the right side; there's simply nothing left to amplify.

Thank you to all who have sent emails asking after him. I really do appreciate it.
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