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Friday, April 20, 2007


(I find it hilarious that I have received nearly as many emails asking for a barbecue update as for an update on the oldest.)

Update: The youngest still hasn't tried it.

When I asked for recommendations for local barbecue, I was planning to take him that weekend, i.e. last weekend, while my husband and the oldest were away on a camping trip for Cub Scouts. Alas, a prediction of monsoon-esque rain intervened and the camping trip was postponed. Since said monsoon-esque rain indeed occurred, this was a fortunate decision, but it did tumble my plans to introduce the youngest to barbecue last weekend.

Speaking of barbecue, why have I not paid attention to the sign for Sherwood Bar-B-Cue on Robinhood Road until now? I feel incredibly stupid asking this, but are those two pigs supposed to be, um... making piglets, and that's why they never run out of bar-b-cue?

(Awful photo, so sorry, sun refraction)
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