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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Death by Eggs Benedict

MPB and I had brunch this morning. After much discussion about what we wanted to eat and where, we decided to give the River Birch Lodge another try. It's never been bad, just underwhelming, but neither of us had eaten there in some time, so off we went.

If a menu offers Eggs Benedict, invariably I order it. They did so I did.


I almost wept with joy.

While we ate, MPB and I had a discussion about the ENORMOUS lamp you can see in the photos on their website. I expressed a concern that if it fell, those under it would die twice - once by being crushed by the massive metal frame and again by being impaled by the horns attached to it.

I am telling you it might be worth it if I could be eating those Eggs Benedict when I went.
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