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Monday, March 05, 2007

Dear WSFC School System Powers That Be:

So it would have been nice if you'd told the parents, especially those of us who communicate with our children's teachers via email.

You, out of the blue and with no announcement, blocked incoming email from Gmail accounts.

May I ask why? Because all I know is that all of a sudden, my son's teacher can email ME, but my replies to her are just - poof! - gone . No return to sender, no notice to sender, no notice to recipient, nada. My emails look like they've gone through, but actually they've disappeared into a swirling, bureaucratic vortex of nothingness. And nobody ever sees them again.

This frankly does NOT give me great faith in your communication.

I would email my concern to you, but, as you know, it would disappear.


Not impressed,
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