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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dear "Girl Scouts" Outside Harris Teeter:

Or whoever you really are:

How do I know you are genuine Girl Scouts when you don't even have on uniforms? You're wearing flared jeans and layered tees from Old Navy. I'm pretty sure that certifies the possibility that you are a Skipper doll, but a Girl Scout? Not so much.

I know, I know, you have cookies on a card table in front of you. So what? I have cookies and a card table myself. Maybe I should start up a business in front of Harris Teeter.

Look, if you are going to shout to me while I am going in and then again while I am going out, so that not once but twice, I have to make the effort to decline while acting like I find your youthful pushiness charming, I'd like you to at least sport some Girl Scout gear. A baseball cap or a beret or something really wouldn't have been that much of a hassle.

More willing to do the dance - twice - if you'll wear the stupid tutu,
who has a sordid Girl Scout cookie past
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