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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bulk Trash Pickup has BEGUN

It started March 5th, apparently. I know; I didn't know either.

I loooooooooooove bulk trash pickup.

Of course, I think the entire thing is a ruse. I think the city tells you to have your bulk items on the curb on such-and-such a date. Then they wait a week to allow the scavenger people to come take as much as they want. Only then, a week or so after such-and-such a date, do the actual city trucks come down your street, taking only what didn't pass muster with the "independent recyclers".

Find your own such-and-such date here.

In any event, I love it. I get rid of so many items. And it is a point of pride that when the city trucks do make their way down my street, they never have to stop at my house.

My bulk trash is good pickins. My bulk trash is always gone before the first city truck rounds the corner.

Of course, that takes skill and strategy.

More info on bulk trash pickup, including limitations.
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