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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


When it came out last year, my husband, then looking to switch companies, pored over the pages as if they were the tablets given to Moses, put back together again.

Tired of routinely working 12 hour days and being paid for 8 hour ones, tired of endless afterhours calls and pages, tired of sad benefits that included overpriced dental insurance accepted by no local dentist (the closest was in Cana, Virginia), tired of being scheduled to work every major holiday, he - and we - were all ready for a change.

So when I saw last fall that Piedmont Parent had an article on the forty most family-friendly companies in North Carolina, as nominated by employees, I grabbed a copy. It made a home for itself in a drawer of our dining room hutch, among the telephone directories for the kids' schools and the Cub Scout paperwork. As companies called my husband for interviews, we would refer back to the issue as another resource.

And now Piedmont Parent (or their parent company, I should say) is again compiling their list of places parents want to work, 2007 edition. You can nominate your existing employer.

Nomination forms

(Yes, it says the deadline was yesterday, but I checked, and they are actually accepting nominations for a few more days yet.)

I'll be reading this year's list of awardees as studiously as my husband read last year's, as I will be returning to the workforce thereafter, and obviously I would like to work for a firm that is family friendly.

(And if anyone knows a workplace I should avoid like the plague, shoot me an email.)
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