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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Aren't you special.

It boggles my mind that some people get up in arms over the above sign, and yet I have now overheard not one but two heated discourses about it.

Good for you that you don't consider pregnancy a natural occurrence, not a debilitating disease! Good for you that your mother at age seventy-three can walk just fine, in fact 18 holes last weekend, and would be insulted by the assumption that she could not! Good for you that the DMV can issue temporary handicapped placards for the injured if they are really so badly off as to need special parking!

Actual comment overheard: "Did you know it's not legally enforceable anyway? Maybe I'll just start parking there. Why should I have to hike?"

I just don't see where one parking space in a sea of hundreds is so precious that a courtesy sign is upsetting. So what if you don't need it?

Mind, neither do I, but I just can't imagine getting my dander up over it.
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