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Saturday, February 10, 2007

What's in a name?

What a cool quiz I found! Here's the quiz. Below are my answers.

1. Winston-Salem
2. Clemmons
3. Kernersville
4. Pfafftown
5. Rural Hall

I can't believe none of those answers were right. Sure, only Winston-Salem technically qualifies populationwise, but HELLO, those are amazing names to give babies.

"Shhh! Little Pfaffy's sleeping!"
or "Would you like to hold Kern Junior?" ...I can hear the mothers of such name-blessed infants now... "It's so dear - her two year old older sister calls her Wuwu Haw."

Charlotte? Austin? Alexandria? Oh, please.

Top 5 Baby Names, 2005

In The U.S. North Carolina, Boys
1. Jacob William
2. Michael Jacob
3. Joshua Joshua
4. Matthew Christopher
5. Ethan Michael

In The U.S. North Carolina, Girls
1. Emily Emily
2. Emma Emma
3. Madison Madison
4. Abigail Hannah
5. Olivia Abigail


The Social Security Administration website has some pretty cool data. For instance, it has rankings of the most popular 1000 names for each year. Using the table for my birth year, I was able to determine that when I was born, my name was in the top 500, but barely. And the comparably popular boy name was "Monty", which is slightly disconcerting for some reason.

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