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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sorting People

MPB's husband confirms my suspicion: since MPB has been up all night trying to soothe a small child with his first ear infection, MPB wouldn't be able to make it even if said small child wasn't, quite naturally, clingy and resistant to his mother leaving him. And so this morning, MPB will not be at church.

Church, additional region-specific definitions of
A. What Southerners do on Sundays
B. How people here sort each other

Yes, there's more to it, but really, those two are the first that strike people new to the area.

(1) It is assumed that you will be in church on Sunday.

(2) Whereas in Washington, DC, the most popular question when meeting someone new is, "What do you do?", the opening salvo here almost without fail includes, "Where do you go to church?" Not "Do you?", but "Where do you?" See (1) for explanation. And then if the questioner knows anyone who also goes to that church, the next question will most likely be ,"Do you know so-and-so?" Because church of attendance is a very important method of grouping people here.

Jon Lowder explores the DC/W-S church issue further.
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