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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Say it with clenched teeth

Whenever we go out walking with our three dogs, inevitably we are stopped and asked what breed they are. You see, in spite of the fact that the first came from Friends of the Shelter, the second from the Guilford County Shelter, and the third just showed up at our house, they all three look very, very similar. They share the same size, the same coloring and fur length, the same shape, and all three definitely have, well, similarly "dubious parentage".

When I reply, "Oh, they're mutts," in response to the breed question, I am often met with a confused look, then a rewording, "No, I mean what TYPE of dog are they?" And so, I have come up with a name that speaks to the need.

Behold. Learn. Say it with clenched teeth.

The Germalian Black and Tan

This one's fresh from a dental, bath, and brushout at Reynolda Veterinary Hospital.

One day, we'll take Westminster.

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