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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rock on

The oldest, my natural science boy, wasn't with me when I went to neighboring Stokes County with MPB roughly ten days ago, so I hunted around her family's creek, grabbed a few rocks, and brought them home to him. They were all that Carolina clay color, though I tried to pick ones with different textures or shapes, hoping that when we washed them, the differences might pop out.

And how they did. We got some sandstone, some quartz, one mess of something but with a perfectly formed crystal imbedded. And then we also got one that, when washed, looked like a slice out of one of those yule log desserts.

(Forgive the wacky color levels, but the cameraphone has no flash, and direct sunlight or lamplight reflected crazily.)

It appears to be a ribbon of garnet.

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