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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Position: Child Support Agent II

Job Identifier: 747
Department: Social Services
Starting Salary: $30,638
Closing Date: 2/23/2007

General Description: A highly energetic, highly motivated person needed with great organizational and communication skills in our Child Support Enforcement Program. You will be interacting with custodial and absent parents, legal and judicial professionals, employers, county and state employees. You will also be responsible for enforcing civil orders, employment wage withholdings, attachment of State and Federal income taxes, referrals to credit bureaus, revocation of occupational and/or professional licenses, revocation of driver’s license and/or vehicles registration, liens and judgments. You may even be asked to testify in court and verify all information provided. Automated Collection and Tracking System will be used to provide better service to our customers. Need good computer skills.


You know, it's a shame I'm not looking for fulltime work for another year yet, because I tell you what, I could rock the hell out of this job, especially if it came with a bazooka and I was authorized to shoot non-payees in the face.

"YOU WANNA BE DEADBEAT, YOU GONNA BE DEAD MEAT!" I'd yell as I squeezed the trigger seven or eight times real quick.

Yes, I know it wouldn't solve the financial issues for the child, but it would save the state of North Carolina a lot of money in paperwork.

Some Depressing North Carolina Child Support Enforcement Numbers

408,956 cases
$631.6 million in collections in 2006, compared to 597 million in 2005, and more than double over collections in 1994.
82 percent of non-custodial parents currently have a court order for child support, up from 78 percent in 2003 and 39 percent in 1993.

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