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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Nineteenth of February in the Year Two Thousand and Seven

That date will mark Life in Forsyth's... anniversary? Birthday? Anyway, it will mark one year of Life in Forsyth. So, to celebrate, I'll be making some changes around here. This is where you come in.

For starters, I'm thinking of a new photo to replace the one of the Shell Station. Suggestions? It should be a suggestion for what a photo should show, not an actual photo unless it's your own photo and you are granting me use of it.

I have a few other ideas, but if you have any suggestions of your own, I'll take those as well. You can email me or post suggestions here in comments.

Whatever I do, I promise not to make any changes to any comic strips that currently appear on this site. I full well know how that kind of crazy thinking can lead to kerfuffles, at least in this town.
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